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Barco Browse™

Comprehensive acces to your network of Barco devices

Available now for iPad

Barco Browse is your central control hub for all web interface-equipped Barco devices on a Local Area Network — from projectors, to image processors, to switchers, and beyond.


Barco Browse searches the Local Area Network, provides a curated list of all Barco devices on the LAN, then gives you instant control of their functions via their built-in web interface. Your iPad then becomes the nexus for your Barco-based production setup.

Supported Devices Include:


Image Processing




PDS series



PF, PG, PH, and PJ series







Barco Browse also serves as a first-level diagnostic tool by giving immediate indication of devices not correctly configured for the network or powered on.


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To see a short video of how to use Barco Browse, click  here.





Barco Browse Screen Captures

Simply start Barco Browse on your iPad and it will auto-discover all Barco devices on your Local Area Network. Once the devices appear in the Devices List, select the one you want to control. Its web interface appears and you then have complete access to its parameters.


It's as simple as that.

Barco devices

on Local Area Network appear here

Built-in web interface of Barco device

All parameters of the device that appear in its web interface are immediately accessible on your iPad with Barco Browse. The Barco ImagePRO II web interface is shown below.

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