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Mobile Apps for Broadcast and Beyond

At Eidria, we make good products better. We specialize in creating reliable, intuitive mobile apps for  products in the professional digital broadcast industry and beyond.


We target your needs and design our apps to meet them — enhancing and adding value to the products that you use everyday.

ImagePRO Remote™

Available now for iPhone

Barco Browse™

Available now for iPad

The ImagePRO Remote app untethers you from the control room and gives you instant, at-location access via your iPhone to the most essential features of the Barco ImagePRO family.


It also adds powerful functionality only possible with a touch device, such as one-finger panning & zooming.


Essential software for getting fast, hands-on access to the power of your ImagePRO.


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Barco Browse is your central control hub for all web interface-equipped Barco devices on a Local Area Network.


Barco Browse searches the Local Area Network, provides a curated list of all Barco devices on the LAN, then gives you instant control of their functions via their built-in web interface, if present. Your iPad then becomes the nexus for your Barco-based production setup.


The app also serves as a first-level diagnostic tool by giving immediate indication of devices not correctly configured for the network or powered on.


Barco Browse —  Comprehensive access to your network of Barco devices.


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Click to see a short video introduction.

Click to see a short video introduction.

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